Cookies and The Tiara Company.

We don't take advante of you with our cookies or privacy
Why we don't take advantage of you and your privacy.

We are not out to track you in a personal way. We use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and in addition to that we place a harmless cookie on your computer that allows you to return to the Library should you wish to see your previous selections you may have added to the General Library. What we don’t do is to track you as a person or your computer to gain information on you personally in order to spam you or sell your information. We just don’t want or need to.

If you choose to register as a member of The Tiara Company you can store your Library selections in your Personal Library. This is then stored in our database on our server. WHY? you can then log into your Personal Library Account and view your selections anywhere in the world and from any computer. They will remain there until you delete them or 1 year. You can also email then to friends for them to see. For this, all we ask you to do is to register. Fill in your name and email address with your password and thats it. This is then kept in our server database. You have complete control of this and are able to delete it when you wish. We will never pass or sell your information to another company.