The rolling surf of the seashore inspired this design. Wonderful translucent blues of the sky, reflecting on the incoming waves creating the curls seen in the design. The blue sky depicted by the aquamarine stones in the centre the piece, frame the diamond set waves perfectly.



Craftsmanship is always at the forefront of everything made at The Tiara Company. Our motto: ‘With craftsmanship comes quality.’ When you look closely, you will notice every single area, of every single piece, and there are over 50 individual pieces that make up The Abrielle Tiara, are fully polished to a mirror shine. Something that is very rare in today’s machine produced items…but of course all our tiaras are handmade!


The exclusivity of every piece we design and produce goes without saying. When you mix a great design and a world beating quality something special happens…You get something no one else has. It’s this we bring to you, for your special occasion. You will never forget wearing one, and be reminded forever when captured in your special day photos. Something to tell your grandchildren ‘I wore diamonds in my hair on my wedding day’

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