80 Handmade Tiaras in Hallmarked 18ct Gold and Hallmarked Silver loaded with Precious Gemstones and Diamonds......All For Hire!

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Our Jewellery
Ultimate Quality Is Our Trademark
We don't only Hire Diamond Tiaras!...We are Award Winning Jewellers revered for our manufacturing and design expertise. We make everything oursleves in our London Studio, ranging from silver Wedding Gifts to special Diamond Engagement Rings to, well,...Diamond Tiaras!. As you would expect, quality in design and production is our ultimate goal. Learn more here

About Our Tiaras

Dismayed with cheap imported crystal tiaras brides were being offered to wear on their wedding day, We set out to bring back the quality precious stone tiara, allowing you to wear a valuable, stunning, tiara once only available to princesses and royalty and alike. So expensive in fact, they we have only made them available for Hire.

Made in Hallmarked Silver & 18ct Gold

We make our tiaras in Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold accoutrements. Why?...In the heyday of Tiaras, the 1800's to early 1900's tiaras were traditionally made from a technique called "Silver on Gold". Silver holding the stones and diamonds with gold backing. Being traditionalists we chose to use this method when handmaking ours.

Special Design Diamond Solitaire Ring with 1.5 carat round diamonds
A specially designed Solitire Diamond Ring for a client with a 1.5 carats Brilliant Cut round center diamond with further 0.35 carats in the rings shoulders. A matching wedding ring was also made.